At Waitaki Girls’ High School, we take great pride in our attractive red and black uniform. Whenever our girls travel to other schools and events, people invariably comment to them about how smart they look in their uniform. All Waitaki girls are encouraged to keep up this tradition and we look to parents to support us in this.

All uniform enquiries can be directed to uniform@waitakigirlshigh.school.nz or Mrs. Sally Grant on (03) 434 8429 EXT 206.

The school uniform shop is open Thursdays during term time from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Please note, you may prepay, on your account or at the office, for items and send your daughter to the uniform shop if you require. We now accept credit card payments. A surcharge of 2% on payments will apply.

Good quality second-hand uniforms may also be bought and sold from our uniform shop.

Summer Uniform

All of the above uniform items of clothing are available at the school uniform shop.

Black lace-up school shoes are NOT available at WGHS Uniform Shop.


Winter Uniform

  • Regulation kilt of Dress Macdonald tartan
  • Black lace-up shoes that are able to be polished
  • Long-sleeved white blouse
  • Tie
  • Black tights or over the knee black socks
  • Blazer (compulsory from 2022)

All of the above uniform items of clothing are available at the school uniform shop. 

Black lace-up school shoes are NOT available at WGHS Uniform Shop.

Optional Uniform

  • Regulation jersey
  • Regulation school jacket (sports/rain)
  • Regulation school polar fleece
  • Regulation school vest
  • Canterbury pants
  • Regulation school scarf
  • Regulation school bucket hat
  • Sports cap
  • Thermal warm-up top
  • Sports bag


Physical Education

For all year levels:

  • PE/Sports tops (these are ordered through the Uniform shop as they are customised with the school crest and your daughter’s name and house emblem)
  • Black shorts or
  • Black tracksuit pants
  • Suitable sports footwear (must be non-marking).

Official Sports Functions (Interschools, South Island and Aoraki events, etc): Black shorts, PE/Sports top, school sports/rain, and black track pants.

Appearance and Standard of Dress

Students are expected to wear the correct uniform at Waitaki Girls’ High School. Students are also expected to keep themselves and their clothing clean and tidy, and to present a good image of themselves to the community.

The school reserves the right to determine whether a student’s general appearance is not in compliance with the school uniform and dress codes.


  • Hair must be a natural colour or dyed in a natural shade. Hair must be completely tied back off the face and behind the shoulders, so that students are tidy in appearance and so hair is not a distraction or a health and safety issue.


  • Māori students may wear taonga as part of their uniform provided it is kept below the collar line.
  • As jewellery is a safety hazard in some situations, its wearing is restricted to a wrist watch, one ear stud or small keeper in each lower ear lobe. Studs are to be no more than 5mm in diameter and are not to be obtrusive or obvious.
  • Facial piercings are not permitted.
  • Some girls starting secondary school may have a problem with a bangle which no longer comes off. This is not acceptable as part of our uniform. An Oamaru jeweller has advised that bangles can easily be cut off and it is probably appropriate for the bangle to be re-sized at this stage so that you can remove the bangle as required.

Make Up

  • Make up, artificial cosmetic enhancements or nail polish are not permitted.


  • Visible tattoos are not permitted.

Uniform Procedures

  • Students must wear the correct uniform at all times. If for any reason this is not possible, students must present at the student office at the beginning of the day, where they will be issued with a loan of correct uniform items.

Dress Uniform for Special Occasions

(eg. choir night/prizegiving)

  • Kilt
  • long-sleeved white blouse
  • tie,
  • black tights/knee highs

Students wishing to wear school regulation trousers will be considered on a case by case application to the Principal.