Why Choose a Girls School?

Students benefit from high levels of support from the school community. Former students from across the generations take an active interest in what happens for young women at Waitaki Girls’ High School.

Waitaki Girls’ High School has a proud history of providing young women with an exceptional educational experience. The foundation of this is the belief, supported by unequivocal evidence, in the value of single-sex education.

In a learning environment that is free from gender discrimination, girls achieve greater academic success and are more confident. Single-sex education allows young women to be challenged, to take risks, to make mistakes and to step out of their comfort zones in an environment that is safe, positive and nurturing. As a single-sex girls’ school, Waitaki Girls’ High School creates strong, empowered young women.

Evidence shows that girls learn differently from boys and at Waitaki Girls’ High School, we provide the nurturing environment that young women need to feel confident in their learning, whilst holding high expectations which will ensure that they work hard to strive for and attain personal excellence.   Studies show that nearly every girl, regardless of her ability or socio-economic status performs better in single-sex classrooms than in co-educational ones and it is single sex schools that dominate the top of the examination league tables. Our record of academic excellence is an example of this.

Girls’ schools prepare girls for the complex and rapidly changing world they will face. Research proves that girls in girls’ schools develop greater autonomy than girls in co-educational schools do. Girls’ schools don’t just offer equal opportunities, they offer every opportunity and here at Waitaki Girls’ High School, our goal is to ensure that every young woman is equipped with the knowledge and skills they will need to be successful now and in the future. Ready to flourish in their learning and their life.