How to Enrol

Complete all the necessary forms and send them with copies of your most recent reports and examination results (translated into English please) and we will then send you an account for fees and upon receipt of these you will receive an “Offer of Place”. A copy of this is necessary when you apply for a visa.

If you are unsure at any stage of what steps to take, then you are encouraged to make contact with our International Coordinator or Principal of the School on 03 434 8429.

International Prospectus

When you arrive


We are very happy to welcome you to Waitaki Girls’ High School. To help you understand what will happen in the first few weeks, you may like to read the following outline. Mrs Hellier is ESOL teacher and the International Coordinator.

If you arrive a few days before school starts, you will be able to meet with the International Student co-ordinator and talk about your course of study. The hostel supervisors will also help you buy the school uniform so you will look like a Waitaki Girls’ pupil from the start of the year! You can choose from a second hand one from our school shop, or buy a new one. We have a summer uniform and winter uniform. You don’t have to buy both at the same time. It is ok to buy the summer one first and get the other winter uniform items later. If you start school soon after you arrive, we will organise your uniform on your first day. You will also be helped to set up a bank account either by the hostel supervisors or Mrs Hellier.

On the first day you will need to bring a pen and paper, your passport and insurance documents.

Come to school at 8.30am. When you arrive, come to the main school office.

Give your insurance documents and passport to Mrs Hellier, the International Student Co-ordinator, for safe keeping.

You will also meet the ESOL teacher, Mrs Hellier. For the first few weeks, you will be with Mrs Hellier in an orientation class for ESOL so we can establish what your needs are for learning English and what subjects will be suitable for you.

While you are in the ESOL class you will be given a tour of the school, and you will be introduced to another student as a buddy, who will help you to find your way around. They will talk about what time you can have morning tea and when lunchtime is. If you have any other questions they will be able to help you or find someone who can.

When you meet Mrs Hellier, she will talk to you about the subjects you would like to study at Waitaki Girls’. She will also ask you what sports and cultural/musical activities you would like to do and what your future plans are. Once she has this information, you will go to the ESOL class.

On the second day you will go straight to the ESOL class and Mrs Hellier. You will spend the next week or two in this class and practise English with the other girls, so we can find out what classes will suit you best. Once you feel ready, we will set up your timetable and you will gradually start your chosen subject classes.

In each class your subject teacher will tell you what books you need to buy and you will be able to buy them in town with help from your buddy in the hostel.

After period one there is a bell and you go to Whānau group, which is like a home room for your House group. Then you have period two, followed by a twenty minute interval, then period three and four classes before lunch. After lunch you will go to period five class. We finish for the day at 3.20pm.

If you are not sure about anything at all, please feel free to ask!


We expect that all long-term overseas students will live during their first year at Waitaki House, our boarding hostel. Waitaki House, which is situated in the school grounds, operates under the supervision of the Hostel Manager who is assisted by supervisory staff. Students live in single rooms. The hostel provides all meals, supervises study and ensures the safety and well-being of all its boarders. Girls living in a hostel have many opportunities to speak English, make friends with New Zealand students and adapt easily and quickly to a different lifestyle. The hostel has Wi-Fi and its own telephones. Some students may choose after one year in the hostel to move into homestay accommodation. Every care is taken to check the suitability of these homestay placements and we meet regularly with host parents and students to check out any problems which may arise.

“The hostel is great fun. All the girls are friendly to international students and we get along very well. I love the hostel.”

“I enjoy very much in the hostel.”