Our Values

Our Motto

Dulcius ex Ardius: Satisfaction from hard work – Ma Mahi Kia Ora

Our Mission

Inspiring Personal Excellence in Learning and Life

Our Mantra

The Waitaki Way: Respectful, Responsible, Resilient

Goal 1: Excellence in Teaching & Learning

We aspire to excellence in teaching and learning by holding high expectations and working together as a community to develop and promote student engagement and achievement.  We will ensure that students are equipped with the knowledge and capabilities they need to succeed.

Goal 2: Nurturing Wellbeing

We aspire to nurture our own and others’ wellbeing by creating an environment where individuals feel safe, accepted and valued.  We will work together to build a school community that encourages positive engagement, relationships and emotions so that students can flourish in learning and life.

Goal 3: Positive School Culture

We aspire to build a positive school culture, using our Waitaki Way values to guide the way we live and learn.  We have pride in ourselves and our school, we celebrate the effort and success of one another and we cultivate respect, responsibility and resilience in all that we do.