Waitaki Way values and vision

Dulcius ex Ardius
There is satisfaction to be gained from working hard – Ma Mahi Kia Ora

Our Vision

Young women well-equipped for the world

Our Mission Statement

The Waitaki Way (PB4L-schoolwide) will enable effective, school-wide teaching and learning to occur in a mutually respectful environment

Positive behaviour for learning

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) is a consistent, school-wide system of support which aims to promote appropriate behaviour in a positive manner. It aims to minimise problem behaviour and maximise and celebrate positive social and academic behaviours. It has:

  • a clear set of positive expectations for all students and staff
  • procedures for teaching expected behaviours
  • a continuum of procedures for encouraging expected behaviours
  • a continuum of procedures for discouraging inappropriate behaviours.

We want our learners to be Respectful, Responsible and Resilient at all times in all settings whether they are in the classroom, the grounds, the sports field or the wider community.

When we are respectful we care and show consideration for ourselves, others and our school environment.

When we are responsible we make the best decision possible and take ownership of our actions.

When we are resilient we are prepared to persevere, to keep trying and to explore all solutions.

This is learning the Waitaki Way – Ako i te āhuataka o Waitaki

RespectfulKia Whakaute
  • Care and consideration for self, others, and the school environment
  • Speak and act positively and appropriately to each other
  • Wear correct uniform with pride
  • Care for the environment
  • Show good citizenship
  • Respect the routines of your activity group
  • Use appropriate language and manners
  • Respect the routines of your learning space
  • Maintain relationships based on mutual respect
ResponsibleKia Haepapa
  • Make the best decision possible and take ownership of your actions
  • Know when to speak up and seek help
  • Follow safety rules and procedures
  • Take ownership of your learning and behaviour
  • Be organised and ready for learning
  • Be mindful of others
  • Appropriate use of electronic devices
  • Reflect on your learning
ResillientKia kaha i kā katoa
  • Be prepared to persevere and explore solutions
  • Develop a support network
  • Accept challenges and keep trying
  • Be optimistic and believe in yourself
  • Accept help and support
  • Build confidence
  • Be a team player
  • Take action to achieve your goals
  • Develop and maintain a growth mindset
  • Accept feedback positively
  • Be tolerant
Restorative Practices