Our Staff

He aha te mea nui o te ao
What is the most important thing in the world?
He tangata, he tangata, he tangata
It is the people, it is the people, it is the people

Senior Leadership

Elizabeth Koni 


Margaret Williams

Deputy Principal

Celeste Warner

Assistant Principal

Jessica Wright

Assistant Principal

Jackie Grant

Assistant Principal


Pippa Holdsworth

Year 9 Dean
Geography, Social Studies, Tourism

Jessica Wright

Year 10 Dean
Agriculture, Social Studies

Sonia Hudson

Year 11 Dean

Anna Sillibourne

Year 12 Dean

Anne Bain

Year 13 Dean

Heads of Learning

Anna McIntosh

HOL Arts

Judy Sinclair

HOL English

Jackie Grant

HOL Languages

Louise Lane

HOL Mathematics

Di Roberts

HOL Physical Education & Health

Jennifer Devon

HOL Learning Support

Sonya Hull

HOL Social Sciences

Vicky Lilley

HOL Science

Teaching Staff

Ali Stock

Te Reo Maori

Alisa Wynne

Physical Education, Health

Anna Beckingsale

Mathematics, Physical Education, Science

Elize Crouse

Accounting, Digital Technology, Social Studies

Emily Hawker (on leave)

Food Technology and Nutrition





Jennifer Gower

Physics, Science

Jen Howden

Agriculture, Chemistry, Science

Jill Hinds


Liz Ballantyne

Learning support

Megan Sinclair


Libby Jamieson

Pathways coordinator

Mereani Paodi

Accounting, Business, Economics, Social Studies

Peter McLellan

Physics, Science

Robert Bryce

Music, Performing Arts

Sandy Woock


Teaching Support

Alora Hill

Teacher Aide

Danielle Palatchie

Teacher Aide

Diana Ponsonby

Teacher Aide

Mandy Wilson

Teacher Aide

Tracey Plieger

Teacher Aide

Alicia Jones

EOTC Coordinator, Sports Coordinator

Lynda Hawkins

Science Technician

Kaye Taylor

Library manager, Uniform shop manager

Vicky Bowmar

Careers, Food Technician, STAR, Reception

Pam Ambler

Gateway Coordinator

Office and Support Staff

Hineau Mackenzie

Office Administrator, Reception


Kim Todd

Attendance Officer, Office Administrator, Reception

Nila Sime

BOT Secretary, Principal's PA, Reception

Sally Grant

Executive Officer

Sherilyn Hellier

International Director, Arts Coordinator, ESOL


Chris Wilson


Jenny Gillies

Assistant Caretaker/Cleaner

Guidance and Careers

Jenny Corlet

Guidance Counsellor & Health

Viv Hay

Careers Advisor, Food Technology & Nutrition


Margie Baird

Hostel Manger