Support for Learning

Inclusive Learning and Achievement for All

Waitaki Girls’ High School prides itself on being inclusive, accepting and able to adapt programmes to meet the needs of individual pupils. Our staff develop and implement teaching and learning strategies that are relevant, appropriate and responsive to the learning needs of the students they are working with. We are committed to supporting our learners to become as independent as possible and improving the emotional, social, cultural and academic outcomes for all our pupils so that they can achieve and be all that they can.

Learning Support

The Learning Support Department provides support and assistance for students in classes throughout the school. We support students and advocate on their behalf to remove barriers to learning and achievement to ensure they can fully access the curriculum and achieve their full potential. This includes Special Assessment Conditions and Teacher Aide support.

Literacy Support

Literacy support is provided for students that have identified gaps in their literacy. These are targeted classes taken by the school’s Literacy Support teacher to support students with identified needs and raise their achievement.

Special Assessment Conditions

Where barriers to achievement are recognised the Learning Support Department will apply for Special Assessment Conditions to help support pupils achieve their full potential in exams regardless of their learning difference. These can include the provision of a reader and/or a writer, use of a computer, extra time allowance, rest break, braille, and separate accommodation.

Supported Learning

The Learning Centre is located at the heart of the school and provides a supportive learning environment that focuses on individual student’s learning needs. Learning Centre staff work with students, whanau and the community to create a meaningful and purposeful programme for each student which includes class lessons with peers and focused programmes within The Learning Centre to foster independent living and develop functional life skills.