Our School

“Students benefit from high levels of support from the school community. Former students from across the generations take an active interest in what happens for young women at Waitaki Girls’ High School.”

Students at Waitaki Girls’ High School are proud of their school and its history. Staff are highly committed to providing well for their students. More students are experiencing success in NCEA. The principal is effectively leading staff development and a focus on improvement. Effective partnerships to support students’ learning are strengthening. Relationships are positive throughout the school and supportive of all students.

  • We will focus on the strengths and individuality of your daughter.
  • We have a long and proven record of excellence in academic, sporting, cultural and service activities.
  • Your daughter will thrive in this school.
  • At WGHS you will be in no doubt as to who receives the teacher’s full attention – it will be your daughter.
  • Girls’ schools don’t just offer equal opportunities, they offer every opportunity.
  • Girls learn differently than boys.
  • In an “all girls” environment girls are taught in ways that are in keeping with female learning styles.  Studies show that nearly every girl, regardless of her ability or socio-economic status performs better in single-sex classrooms than in co-educational ones.
  • Single sex schools dominate the top of the examination league tables.
  • Girls’ schools prepare girls for the complex and rapidly changing world they will face.
  • Research proves that girls in girls’ schools develop greater autonomy than girls in co-educational schools do.

Our Facilities

Waitaki Girls’ High School is situated close to the centre of Oamaru.

It is housed over three blocks with the main teaching areas centrally located. On adjacent blocks are our hostel facilities, Wilson Park, the Waitaki Community Recreation Centre, and its facilities, and a modern Music Suite, including practice rooms and classroom spaces.

In 2015, we refurbished and opened our new library, “Whare Mātauranga” – House of Knowledge and a new Language and Performing Arts classroom. These modern and vibrant learning areas are flexible and welcoming. We also strengthened our digital capabilities to enable students to bring their own electronic devices to school.

Our refurbishment has also seen a dramatic redevelopment of our e-learning spaces. The modernised layout makes for more open classroom experience with an emphasis on participatory and self-directed learning. We also have modern science laboratories.

The established trees and gardens help give our school its undoubted charm and enhance the outstanding and well-resourced classroom facilities.