Our Curriculum

The school’s curriculum is effective in promoting student’s learning. It actively supports students’ opportunities to learn and is responsive to their immediate and future needs. Students benefit from a curriculum increasingly focused on meeting their needs, interests and abilities. This can be seen through:

  • increased opportunities for senior students to explore vocational pathways
  • useful collaborations with local businesses and tertiary providers
  • Level 1 NCEA adapted courses and increased use of distance learning
  • extensive use of local learning contexts including local history, businesses, galleries and gardens
  • high levels of achievement in literacy and numeracy in NCEA enabling students to achieve certificates in Level 1, 2 and 3.

The school is making very effective use of connections that are educationally powerful. These include useful links with the Pacific community, teacher networks with other schools and transition processes with contributing schools.

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Qualifications and Assessment

Learning Support

Where a student has special needs or an identified learning need, then support can be provided by a variety of ways which include: accessing teacher aide support within classes; following an individualised or modified learning programme which may be considered in the context of an Individual Education Plan (IEP) meeting; participation in SPEC and ‘Te Kura’ (Correspondence) life skills and maths programmes which are incorporated into learning programmes. These courses offer alternative pathways for students to gain credits on the NZQA framework; participation in various activities within the community such as the Waitaki Community Gardens, RDA, Waitaki Resource Recovery Park; careful monitoring of all students to regularly assess their needs and to liaise with staff within the school to ensure that individual needs are being met.

Various local and regional support agencies are accessed and provide valuable support to our students. Appropriate transition to high school and then facilitating transition opportunities for life beyond school remains a key focus for many of our students.

Student Support
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