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The following qualifications are offered at Waitaki Girls’.

NCEA (National Certificate in Educational Achievement)

Please click here for a NCEA information booklet for students and parents for 2019. Here is a copy of the 2019 External Examination timetable. Here is a booklet to help understand NCEA. This can also be downloaded in Māori, Samoan and/ or Tongan.

Please click here for fact sheets on understanding NCEA or alternatively here is a short clip explaining NCEA.

There is financial assistance available for those that meet the criteria, a form can be downloaded here.

This qualification is offered at three levels – Level One in Year 11; Level Two in Year 12 and Level Three in Year 13. To achieve this qualification, students need to accumulate a total of 80 credits across all their subjects-there can be up to 24 credits gained from each subject. At Levels 2 and 3, up to 20 credits can be used from another level.

Credits can be obtained through Achievement or Unit standards. Some standards will be internally assessed (achieved through classwork, tests, assignments, portfolios), and the remaining standards will be externally assessed (achieved through national examinations at the end of the year).

In addition, to gain Level One, a student must gain credits which meet the literacy and numeracy requirements (link to NZQA site to literacy and numeracy requirements)

NCEA provides entrance to University and Polytechnics (link to UE requirements).

NCEA certificates may be gained with Merit or Excellence endorsement. To be eligible for this, a student must gain 50 credits at Merit for Merit endorsement and 50 credits at excellence for Excellence endorsement. In addition, a student may also gain course endorsement. To gain Excellence endorsement, a student must gain 14 credits from a course in Excellence; 3 of these credits must internal credits and 3 must be external credits. To gain Merit endorsement, a student must gain 14 credits from a course in Merit; 3 of these credits must internal credits and 3 must be external credits.

New Zealand Certificate in Tourism

This certificate is available to those students studying Tourism. To gain this certificate students require 42 credits from selected Tourism standards as well as meeting Level One Literacy and Numeracy requirements. It is intended that students will study Tourism in Years 12 and 13 in order to complete this certificate.

This certificate is in addition to NCEA as Tourism credits contribute to NCEA Levels 2 and 3.

STAR courses

STAR courses are usually Polytechnic based. Both Otago and ARA Polytechnics offer holiday STAR courses. We offer Defensive Driving and First Aid Courses funded through STAR. Students interested in completing a STAR Course need to speak to the STAR Co-ordinator, Mrs Hay.


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