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Name: Sunny Laophongsit (17)
Country: Thailand
Years at WGHS: 2005~2009
Last year of study: Year 13
Subjects studied: Economics, English, Calculus, Japanese, Physics
Responsibilities: WGHS Sports Council, Badminton representative and Badminton Junior Coach School Clubs: Badminton and Netball

Sunny is the third daughter in this family to study at WGHS. Like her sisters, she has also lived with one of the WGHS teachers and her husband which she says was great and good fun. She found the teachers at WGHS really friendly and helpful and thinks New Zealand is a very beautiful place where there are lots of different and exciting things to do. Sunny is now studying for a BCom degree at Auckland University.


Name: Sisley Choi (18)
Country: Hong Kong
Years at WGHS: 2005~2009
Last year of study: Year 13
Subjects studied: Music, Computing, Biology, Physical Education, English
Responsibilities: Cultural Captain, WGHS Sports Council, Cross Country Representative.
School Clubs: Cultural Committee, Netball teams, Choir

Sisley followed her brother to Oamaru which she thinks is a clean, less crowded place compared to Hong Kong. Sisley says there are a wide range of subjects to choose from at WGHS, lots of good opportunities and teachers who are willing to help. She was the first runner-up at Miss Hong Kong 2013. Sisley is currently an actress in Hong Kong.

Name: Blue Jutanopparat (18)
Country: Thailand
Years at WGHS: 2008~2009
Last year of study: Year 13
Subjects studied: English, Calculus, Statistics, Computing, Chinese
Responsibilities: Leader of Year 9 at the Hostel.
School Clubs: Badminton, Concert Band

Blue thinks New Zealand education is better than Thailand’s education and she chose WGHS because there are not many international students so she thought she could improve her English faster here. She thinks that New Zealand is a great place to be and lots of fun!

Blue lived in the hostel and during the holidays she stayed in homestays which she says are very good and like her second home. She says the host parents take very good care of every student and she did not feel lonely whilst staying in the homestays.

Blue is currently studying for a Computer Science degree at Canterbury University.


Name: Fuyuka Soma (18)
Country: Japan
Year started at WGHS: 2008
Current year of study: Year 13
Subjects studying: English, ESOL, Computing, Art, Physics, Mathematics
School Clubs: Volleyball

Fuyuka came to WGHS for one year through NZIIU but liked it so much that she is now staying for two and a half years! She came to New Zealand because of the nature and thinks it is a clean, beautiful place to live.

Fuyuka likes studying with Kiwi students in her classes and thinks the teachers are good. She has enjoyed living in homestays for the first and third years and made new Kiwi and international friends whilst living in the hostel in her second year. Fuyuka is returning to Japan after WGHS to study Social Work at University.


Name: Pai Kongchamnian (18)
Country: Thailand
Year started at WGHS: 2009
Current year of study: Year 13
Subjects studying: English, Computing, Art, Biology, Mathematics

Pai chose to study in New Zealand because she wants to improve her English and have a new experience. She likes New Zealand's environment. She thinks that Oamaru is a peaceful place with a good environment and is a suitable place for studying.

Pai spent her first year in the school hostel and is now having new experiences living with a homestay family. Pai plans to go to Dunedin next year to do a Foundation Course before applying to study for an Art History degree at Otago university.


Name: Kayla Tong (17)
Country: Hong Kong
Year started at WGHS: 2007
Current year of study: Year 12
Subjects studying: English, Accounting, ESOL, Music, Mathematics
Interests: Piano (currently working towards Grade 8 examination)

Kayla came to Waitaki Girls' High School because her cousin, Sisley was studying here. She thinks that Oamaru is a good place to study.

She thinks the teachers and hostel staff are nice and has lived in the hostel during the terms and has stayed in homestays for the holidays. After she has completed Year 13, Kayla plans to go to Canada to study for a degree - possibly in Business Studies.

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