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Waitaki Girls’ High School warmly welcomes international students. As well as offering a wide range of subjects and co-curricular activities, we offer many special features to meet the needs of students from other countries.

Students are welcome to our school either for short-term or long-term study. We provide an excellent ESOL programme, a special system of pastoral care, and recreational activities which ensure that international students gain full benefit from their time in New Zealand.

ESOL Programme

Waitaki Girls’ High School employs an ESOL teacher who has specialist training to enable her to assess each student as she arrives. For each student the Dean, in conjunction with the students, the agents / parents, the ESOL teacher, and the International Student Coordinator, plans the programme that best meets the needs of the individual. The ESOL programme prepares students to sit the ESOL examinations. Some senior students choose to study for the IELTS and TOEFL examinations. There is also the opportunity to sit the OCESOL exam (Oral Communication in English for Speakers of Other Languages), a NZ Speech Board qualification. Waitaki Girls’ High School supplies resources and support for the students wishing to study for this examination.


We work very hard to look after all our students to the best of our ability. If problems arise, whether they are academic, vocational or personal, we have people available to provide help and support. They may include:

  • A teacher who the student feels able to talk to
  • Guidance Counsellor
  • Dean
  • The Careers Advisor
  • Hostel Staff
  • Homestay Co-ordinator
  • International Student Coordinator

Health Care

Oamaru has its own hospital with full medical services available. The school has a doctor who is on call at all times. Girls who are staying in the Hostel and require medical care should see the Hostel Manager in the first instance. She will organise a doctor’s appointment if required. We do require that all overseas students have current medical insurance and that evidence of this be provided when fees are paid.

Communication with Parents

Many parents, when first enrolling their daughters at our school, like to bring them to Oamaru to make sure they are settled and have everything they require. We are very happy to book accommodation for parents who come to visit our school and enjoy visits from parents at any time.

The International Student Coordinator is responsible for the welfare of each overseas student. Because of this we ask that all contact with Waitaki Girls’ High School be made to the Coordinator. Parents will receive written reports on their daughter’s progress at school in June and November, these reports cover the students’ academic progress, her effort and attitude to work, and her level of participation in activities outside the classroom. However parents may request additional reports at any time during the year. Parents will also receive special newsletters once a year.


Although Waitaki Girls’ High School prides itself on its ability to consider the needs of the individual, it is nevertheless an ordered community expecting consideration for others and disciplined conduct. Students are therefore only admitted to the school on the understanding that they (and their parents) accept the rules and regulations as laid down by the New Zealand Ministry of Education, the Waitaki Girls' High School Board of Trustees and the Principal.

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