Waitaki Girls' High School

Our Head Girls


Head Girl: Connie Searle

I have attended Waitaki Girls’ High School since Year 9, and over the past 4 years I have been offered so many different opportunities that have allowed me to develop and grow to who I am today.  When I first came to Waitaki Girls’ High School, I was happily surprised with the amount of opportunities that were offered here at school.  I was very excited and eager and jumped at any that came my way.  This has lead me to go on some amazing trips with some amazing people.  From going to Wanaka to tramp to see the Rob Roy glacier, having the opportunity to go on Outward bound, competing in the 12-hour adventure race in Cromwell, being head girl in 2018 and so many more.

Being involved in sports and clubs within the school, and being in the hostel has allowed me to mix in with all of the other year groups in the school.  House competitions also bring everyone together with a fun and energetic atmosphere, where individuals and teams can show case their talent, whether it be on stage or on the field.  Waitaki Girls’ High School allows all students to be themselves in a safe and comfortable environment.  The ‘Waitaki way’ teaches students to be Respectful, Responsible and Resilient, which are all values that can be applied in and out of our school.  These values are constantly being applied by teachers and students which is seen in the behaviour and results of students.  I am proud to be part of the Waitaki Girls’ High School community and I am thankful for all of the great memories and relationships the school has given me.

Deputy Head Girl: Renata Burnett

I have attended Waitaki Girls’ High School from the very beginning of Year 9 in 2014 and since then, I have learnt many invaluable life lessons- not just academically, but also socially.  Coming from a small country school, I wasn’t used to being around a lot of people who were unfamiliar to me.  However, that fear soon eased as I was welcomed with open arms into the friendly community of Waitaki Girls’ High School.  The staff and older students made me feel as though I could be who I wanted to be which helped me to grow confidence in myself and to give me the courage to take on new challenges and to get myself out there.

During my time at Waitaki Girls’ High school, I have had the opportunity to meet new people and gain new skills through the broad range of sporting and cultural activities offered here.  Every year I found myself joining a new club because of how much there was to choose from.  This lead me to taking on yet another challenge of getting out of my comfort zone by taking on a leadership role in a club at Year 11.  By doing this, I was given the support of others around me including staff and students which goes to show the positive atmosphere and environment displayed by everyone here at Waitaki Girls High School.

The high academic success rates that students receive are evidence of the high quality education here and the amount of time teachers spend with students to ensure they are achieving their full potential.  Something that I believe is special about Waitaki Girls’ is that classes are smaller to those at larger schools which allows teachers to get to know their students properly and can accommodate their learning needs.  It also means that students respect and appreciate their teachers and peers for the effort they put in which links in with the school values of “Respectful, Responsible and Resilient”.  To me, it is important that everyone learns how to appreciate everyday things in life and how to persevere when the going gets tough and this is exactly what these values promote, and this is how Waitaki Girls’ High School has grown us into the strong women that we are today.


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