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Head Girl: Molly Hurst

I have attended Waitaki Girls’ High School since Year 9, and over the past 4 years I have been offered a great variety of opportunities that have allowed me to grow in a safe and comfortable environment, teaching me valuable life lessons and giving me the courage to take on any new challenge that come my way.

When I first came to Waitaki Girls' High School I was extremely nervous, coming from a small country school and not knowing what high school was going to be like was very daunting, but those nerves soon turned into excitement.  Waitaki Girls' High School welcomed me with open arms and made all new students feel part of the friendly school community from day one. Going to school soon became exciting and I was jumping at every new challenge and opportunity that came my way and I knew I had the support of the older students and teachers behind me with anything I wanted to do.

During the amazing 4 years I have had at Waitaki Girls' High School, I have been given the opportunity to meet so many new people, gain confidence in myself and gain new skills through the range of sporting and cultural activities offered to all students. The opportunities I have been offered by Waitaki Girls’ has allowed me to go on some amazing trips such as a netball trip to Australia, tramping to Rob Roy Glacier, a large variety of sport tournaments and inter-school exchanges, school camps and trips, becoming head girl for 2019 and many more. 

Something that I believe is truly special and important about Waitaki Girls’ High School is the high quality education that is received and due to this Waitaki Girls’ excel academically. The teachers always give 110% to their students and accommodate for all learning styles and abilities which I have found very important at high school. Students are encouraged to follow the ‘Waitaki Way’ of being respectful, responsible and resilient which makes for a safe and inclusive school and by teaching us these important lessons we have the ability to grow into strong women well equipped for the world. 

I am proud to be involved in the Waitaki Girls’ High School community and I am extremely grateful for the opportunities, relationships and memories the school has given me. 


Deputy Head Girl: Lily Stock

Since beginning Waitaki Girls' High School in 2014, I have blossomed into an independent, driven, open minded and determined young woman. This school promotes not only academic excellence, but encourages girls to be the best they can be in all aspects of their lives which is something I truly value and will take with me in the years to come.

The teachers at the school work hard to accommodate all learning styles and personalities, and we are lucky for the education we receive at Waitaki Girls. The importance of making sure standards and teaching is up to date, as well as providing us with the latest technology and resources is reflected in the great results our girls get throughout NCEA, and is something highly appreciated amongst students.  

Throughout my time at Waitaki Girls' High I have fully immersed myself in every aspect of the school life including, academic, culture and sport. The number of opportunities the school offers for our girls to be involved in is admirable for a small school; and our calendar shows that we have opportunities catered to everyone. From sports exchanges with our sister schools, South Island secondary school tournaments and 12 hour adventure races, to inter house debate battles, combined school productions and history trips to Central Otago, the number of exciting opportunities we have accommodate all personalities and interests. I would highly recommend and encourage utilising the facilities for all types of extra and inter curricular activities available, as it allows you to engage with and meet girls through all year levels as well as get to know some of our teachers. Interacting with girls of all ages within the school has been highly beneficial for me as it has given me a greater sense of community at school, and I have made great friends I never would have met otherwise.

It is the opportunities I have been offered and the willingness to learn and grow that has instilled in me the confidence to shoot for the sky, and has taught me resilience when I may not have achieved my goal. Resilience, being one of our Three Rs and falling under our ‘Waitaki Way’ mantra, is one of my favourite philosophies. We have a high academic, sporting and cultural success rate at Waitaki Girls, but I feel it is important for our girls to understand that there will be times when something will not go our way. This is made easier as at Waitaki Girls due to the faith of the people around us, both teacher and peers, to know we can bounce back when something doesn’t work out as we had wanted. Just as important as having the faith of others however, is having belief in yourself, something we grow to understand throughout our time here. I believe this is an incredibly important skill for life and one I hope all our girls can adopt as I have, before they graduate in their fifth year.

The kind, hardworking girls, who always aim high and try their best are a pleasure to represent as deputy head girl this year and I am proud to be a part of the Waitaki Girls’ community.


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