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Kate Paton – Head Boarder

I have lived in Waitaki House since day one of Year 9. In those five years the hostel has become my home. Margie is like a second mother to me, and the matrons like Aunties, and my fellow boarders like sisters. Being in Waitaki House has allowed me to experience opportunities that would not have been possible, such as participating in our hostel trips, and it allows me to have easier access to the sports and cultural activities that are offered at Waitaki Girls’ High School. We annually visit locations all over Otago, including Dansey’s Pass, Dunedin, Timaru, Mt Hutt, Moeraki, and my favourite trip, the Lakes Day in Otematata.

Living in Hostel have taught me so many useful life skills, such as how to live independently from my parents, which has enabled me to be less reliant on them and become my own person. This has definitely set me up for adult life. It has also taught me how to deal with diverse people who have arrived from different paths of life, which has taught me how to accept people with different viewpoints and life experiences. Becoming a Boarder and moving to Waitaki Girls’ has been one of the best decisions that I have made; I have made friends for life and shared so many amazing experiences with so many people, and I am beyond grateful for Waitaki House and the staff.

Kate Paton

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