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Georgie Laurenson – Head Boarder

Waitaki House is like a second home to me. I love having all the girls around me as it feels like an extended family. There are so many opportunities while being at Waitaki house. You learn so much about yourself. While I have been at Waitaki house I have learnt to be independent, self motivated and confident with what I do. I have loved seeing all the year groups grow each year and change into assertive young women. It’s like seeing 50 little, and older sisters grow up and it’s such a cool experience. We go on trips just about everywhere in Otago from Cardona to Mt Hutt, to Danseys Pass, to Otematata, to Dunedin. We have a lot of fun on our trips. My favorite trip would have to be the Lakes trip in Otematata where the girls’ parents come along and bring their boats and jet skis for us to all have the opportunity to go on. Over the last five years I have learnt that being in a boarding house with another 50 girls is the best opportunity my parents gave me; it is definitely a one off chance where you get to have a sleepover every night with your friends throughout your high school years; I know that wouldn’t be happening if I were at home.
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Student Stories
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