Waitaki Girls' High School



Waitaki House has modern facilities and all the dorms enjoy their own common rooms, TV, DVD and their own kitchenettes, which include microwaves, tea/coffee facilities. The hostel enjoys wireless and computers linked to the school intranet.

Waitaki House is made up of four dorms:

Romans South accommodate Year 9 and 10 in one dorm. Each girl has her own cubicle and is encouraged to make it her own with posters, plants and photos.

Romans North accommodates Year 11 students.

Cruickshank Year 12 students enjoy accommodation in Cruickshank which is separate from Romans. They share a double room, which is partitioned down the middle.

Kirkness Year 13 students enjoy the newly remodeled dorm. They enjoy all the amenities of the other dorms.

Waitaki House
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